Our team would like to welcome you to our recovery center and offer insight into what it’s like working with our clients at Cypress Lakes Lodge. Our team are either living in recovery actively or are part of a specialized trained medical team that deals with addiction and mental health. Read through their profiles and get to know them before you schedule your intake call. We can’t wait to go on this journey toward recovery together. Remember, recovery is found with a great support system behind you.

Dr. James Flowers Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Flowers is one of the most familiar and respected names in the area of pain management, addiction treatment and chronic pain assessment in the United States. For over twenty years, Dr. Flowers has occupied an expert leadership position in the pain and addiction treatment field, and has used his experience and knowledge to develop a substantial number of Addiction and Pain Recovery Programs within some of the most respected Physicians Practices, Hospitals and Residential Treatment Centers in the country. He designed multidisciplinary addiction treatment programs and clinical protocols, he has driven and achieved CARF and JCAHO accreditation for clinical programs, recruited and trained top clinical and administrative staff.

Dr. Flowers has a passion for healthcare and creating positive change in the lives of people who have been impacted by pain and co-occurring addictive disorders. Dr. Flowers is a pilot who loves to fly airplanes as often as possible. He is a lifelong distance runner, finishing more than 28 marathons, and has competed in several ultra marathons including 70 and 100 mile trail and mountain races.

Kevin DeLoach Executive Director

Kevin’s passion for business can be traced back to his teenage years when his Mom recruited him to help grow her small clothing company. After college, Kevin took what he learned and opened up his own business which he grew into a successful chain. He then went on to spend the next 15 years managing and growing the operations of numerous corporations. At one point in his career, Kevin found himself struggling with addiction and in need of treatment. The gift of recovery transformed Kevin’s life and compelled him to merge his passion for business development with his desire to help others still struggling. 

Kevin’s believes the best way to build a successful corporation is by empowering his entire team. He has a contagious enthusiasm and passionate belief in people that inspires them to become prouder, stronger, and more valuable contributors to the organization. His team appreciates his straight talk, often unconventional perspectives, and the depth of his “real world” executive experience. 

When he is not working, Kevin enjoys working out, binge watching Netflix and eating sweets. He claims there has never had a dessert he did not like.

Beata Lundeen Strategic Advisor

After 40 years in the industry working with some of the biggest and most prominent providers in the United States, Beata felt drawn to the Lodge. She has served in direct care in the capacity of a nurse, interventionist, spiritual director, and in outreach as business development and admissions. Beata’s passion is nurturing teams and helping elevate their strengths.

Beata graduated from Stillpoint, an accredited school of Spiritual Direction. She takes pride in her experience working on the frontlines in outreach, working with clients from admission to discharge, and supporting teams in every aspect of the treatment process.

Tobin Wells, LCDC Crisis Intervention Counselor

Tobin Wells brings extensive community-oriented experience to his role at Cypress Lakes Lodge. During his education in Human Services at Angelina College, he specialized in drug and alcohol counseling and went on to receive his chemical dependency counseling license. He has previously served as an outreach, screening, assessment and referral supervisor for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council; has spoken at community-based agencies including Child Protective Services and probation departments; and has played key roles in organizing local recovery events with 600+ attendees. His wholehearted investment in each client shines through in his dedication to the work we do at Cypress Lakes. He says, “In our field, it is so important that no one is left behind. Anyone can get clean and sober if they are willing to do the work -- we can’t give up on anyone.” Tobin enjoys bike rides, traveling and spending time with his family.

Sally Stewart, LCDC Case Management Counselor

Sally has been in practice since 1997 when she received her LCDC credentials. Sally’s worked across southeast Texas in state-funded and private insurance settings and has roots deeply planted in the community. Stewart’s experience ranges from working with CPS, criminal justice, probation, parole, homeless, and Employee Assistance Programs. Her huge heart and strong faith have propelled her into numerous charitable boards, 501c3 organizations, and grant writing. Sally joined us in the beginning of 2019 and everything she brings to the Lodge has become a vital component of our program.

When Sally isn’t at the Lodge, she enjoys playing tennis, fishing, or spending time with her grandchildren.

Monica Infante-Hearn Admissions Specialist

Meet Cypress Lakes Lodge’s Admissions Specialist, Monica Infante-Hearn. She’s the first voice you hear when reaching out to the Lodge and has a passion for helping individuals and families find freedom from substance use disorder. She brings direct care, business management, and administrative experience to the Lodge so each person and their support network feels peace of mind.
Monica and our Chief Marketing Officer, Kyle Infante, are siblings. Monica and Kyle have personally battled their own substance use disorders and have found their own individual recovery. They are so passionate about helping people because they’ve rebuilt their relationship and family through recovery. They both value providing support for the families of people struggling with substance use disorder because of their own personal experiences including their parents and each other in their individual recovery.
When Monica isn’t on the phones and helping people find freedom, she’s relaxing at home with her husband and dogs, out on the lake, or spending time with her daughter Alexia. Monica has a strong faith and is involved with her church.

Jason Shirley, LPC Trauma and Equine Therapist

Jason Shirley is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), EMDR trained, and utilizes EAGALA modalities for our equine therapy programming. Jason’s faith has led him into the healing profession. Jason has been a Youth Minister since 1991, and is a current student of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as Youth Pastor of Dogwood Hills Baptist Church in Woodville, Texas and Bethel Baptist Church in Liberty, Mississippi. He has been a Youth Minister at Central Baptist since February 2006. Both Jason and his wife Angela were raised right here in Woodville, and just celebrated 23 years of marriage in September. They have three daughters: Shelby, Carsyn, and Emma.

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