As we acknowledge there is a problem with addiction, stepping up to seek treatment is challenging. Our team at Cypress Lakes Lodge wants you to know that this is one of the hardest parts of the process, to admit you need help and we understand. Our medical team, counselors, and staff are compassionate, supportive and willing to help you make your life beautiful–free of addiction.

Anytime you decide to reach out and find out more about our addiction treatment programs an admissions counselor is available to take your call. Addiction doesn’t take days off, and neither do we; we are here to offer you advice and options for recovery based on your unique needs. All calls with our admissions counselors are confidential, respectful and inspiring. Many of Cypress Lakes Lodge staff members have gone through the recovery process and are successfully living examples that long term sobriety is possible. Complete the form at the bottom of the page or call 409-331-6996 for more infomation.

Our admissions process at Cypress Lakes Lodge:

Step One:

Contacting admissions and asking about our treatment programs by phone 409-331-6996. One of our dedicated staff members will answer any questions you may have and connect you with our intake team. Family members are encouraged to call and inquire as well.

Step Two:

Discussing financial aspects of the program. Our patients have financing options if they don’t have insurance coverage for addiction treatment. Based on your particular needs prior to admission, we create a tentative treatment recommendation and offer financial advice to help you get started. We work with most insurance companies and also on a cash basis.

Step Three:

After we determine your finances and that our program is for you, we will then talk about any program specifics such as residential, outpatient, partial hospitalization, post-treatment monitoring, detox or individual counseling. We will also determine family participation as we provide extended family therapy and education sessions.

Step Four:

A discussion of each program is needed at this time so that every patient of Cypress Lakes Lodge knows what to expect in their recovery treatment.

Step Five:

This is the last step. You’re almost there, and your admissions date it set. Travel plans are set in place, and any final details are ironed out so we can get you into the best treatment program as soon as possible.

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What to Bring

Once you are setup with an intake date and all your treatment details are noted, many patients want to know what they can bring with them during their stay at Cypress Lakes Lodge. We encourage every patient to pack light, but to bring the essentials as noted below.

Clothing: Undergarments, socks, pajamas, robe, workout clothes, clean socks and tennis shoes or any pair of comfortable shoes, and comfortable clothes.

Toiletries: Lufa, toothbrush, sealed toothpaste, solid bar of soap or sealed shower gel, solid deodorant, razor, and shaving cream.

Optional items: journal, notebook, pens, stamps, small alarm clock, 12-step literature, cash for incidentals.

These items are limited, but the nature of our program at Cypress Lakes Lodge is to allow our patients to be open and accepting of holistic and integrated therapy. The grounds of Cypress Lakes Lodge, offer a beautiful place to explore and to clear the mind. We hope to help our patients move out of isolation and learn to be social again, which is why we limit the amount of distractions we bring into treatment. All rules set are in place for the benefit of our patients.

Distractions we exclude from the items above are cell phones, music devices, cameras or video devices, revealing or tight clothing, aerosol cans, alcohol-based products.

Privacy and Confidentiality

During your addiction recovery treatment with Cypress Lakes Lodge, we are required by law to provide you with a privacy statement and will discuss with you the release of any medical information as requested by you (the patient) before treatment. While every treatment therapy we provide at Cypress Lakes Lodge is confidential and any information you discuss with your counselors and therapists are private, some information may be released to family members, counselors, parole officers, lawyers or medical staff as per your request. Please note, we stand by our promise and commitment to providing complete privacy as addressed by Privacy Health Information laws. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please ask your intake counselor or any of our staff.

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