Emotional Empowerment In 4 Steps

  Emotions do not have to be our demise. Our emotions can be empowering parts of who we are in our lives of recovery. Here are four steps for taking a look at your emotions and becoming empowered by them.

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Summer Activities When You’re Clean And Sober

  Here’s the great news: there’s only two things you can’t do when you’re in recovery: drink and use. Everything else is up for grabs. Going to treatment in the summer can seem like it’s the end of the world.

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4 Reasons Fentanyl Is So Dangerous

  Though fentanyl may be new to many people due to the sudden coverage of it in the nightly news, fentanyl is not new to many chronic pain patients. Morphine based medications like most prescription opioid painkillers, don’t work for

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The 3 Questions To Ask A Treatment Center

  Choosing the right treatment program doesn’t have to be a challenging process. The more information you have about what it takes to treat someone struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, the more power you have in making the

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The Difference Between A Freelapse And A Relapse

Freelapse isn’t in the dictionary. Relapse, on the other hand, is. A relapse, by dictionary definition, specifically relates to someone suffering from a disease. To relapse means to “suffer deterioration after a period of improvement. As a noun, rather than

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