Addictions come in many forms and we at Cypress Lakes Lodge treat many of them, from drug and alcohol to specific behaviors such as sex addiction. Because the nature of addiction comes down to the same focal point (i.e obsession and specific suppressed emotional distresses), we want to help our patients stop suffering from this lack of control and the undoing of their relationships. Addictions are often difficult to admit and often, they are complex; their diagnosis requires counseling and discovery.

At Cypress Lakes Lodge near Houston, we know that these things take courage to seek treatment. When it comes to sex addiction, many of our patients have been through a lot with family members and it can seem as though the taboo makes it impossible to share. We want our patients to know that we provide a safe place for you to share your concerns and any issues with sex addiction confidentially.

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What is sex addiction?

It may seem like every addiction is attributed to a chemical imbalance in the brain, but some addictions are not classified as mental health conditions even though they can be tied to them. This form of addiction is often called hypersexual disorder because it means that the person affected engages in addictive behaviors that relate to sexual activity.

Men are more affected by hypersexuality than women, but men and women can equally engage in these activities. The reason that this becomes an issue is that sex addiction can get in the way of performing daily functions since those with sex addiction often shrug off their responsibilities and social engagements to stay at home and feed these insatiable sexual appetites.

For Family Members and Friends:

Sexual addiction can be a very tough topic to talk about, especially for the person dealing with the addiction. It can be embarrassing and difficult to address, but for family members, loved ones, and friends, talking through it and seeking help is the best medicine. If your partner, loved one, family member, or friend is dealing with a sexual addiction, getting the right help will benefit them greatly in the long run. If they are struggling with relationships, engaging constantly in sexual activities, and affecting everyone around them, these could be the signs of their addiction. Be there for them and help them get the best help they need.

Sexual activities and behaviors those with sex addiction participate in include:

  • Viewing pornography excessively
  • Engaging in online chatrooms with sexual distinction
  • Call sex talk hotlines
  • Consistent and frequent masturbation
  • Cheating on their partners
  • Engaging in illicit sexual activity such as voyeurism
  • Objectifying their partner during sex
  • Masturbation at work, school or other places outside of their home (sometimes in public)
  • Elicit sexual fantasies
  • Engaging in sexual activities with prostitutes
  • Attending sex parties or high-end prostitution establishments

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Why is sexual addiction a concern?

Sexual addiction is a concern for everyone involved in your life if, in fact, you suffer from this. Many things are underlying sexual addiction; it’s not always the sex itself, but the feelings that come with it. The act of sex has the same effect on the person that drugs may have on a drug addict. When the sex addict engages in sexual activity, they often feel elated with a particular high that they will continue to chase time and time again. Each sexual act is much like taking an addictive drug because they need more and more, and it has to upend the previous experience. Sexual satisfaction for people with sex addiction has a tolerance level.

People with sex addiction will engage in activities that can become dangerous as well because they may go through any means to be satisfied. There are also many health concerns that come with this if they are out seeking multiple sexual partners, especially without protection. Spouses or life partners that are in relationships with people that have sex addictions are at risk as well because STDs can be acquired during these acts. This addiction causes a lot of distress in the home because trust is broken between partners. The fact that someone may be stepping out on their partner isn’t always known, but tension and retraction of emotion happens often. Whether or not you realize the issues that arise from sexual addiction, it tears apart your home life, can be impossible to keep up with and can make it difficult to concentrate on other things in life.

Consequences of sexual addiction:

  • Financial issues
  • Legal problems
  • Inability to maintain steady employment
  • Complete removal from social interactions
  • Relationship pressures and loss of marriages
  • Personal health and partner health risks
  • Emotional distress from guilt and insecurity
  • Other addictions can occur at the same time (substance abuse)

Treatment for Sexual Addiction

At Cypress Lakes Lodge, we treat sexual addiction with a completely holistic and evidence based approach to cover the whole person. We free the mind from these harmful obsessions by engaging in enriching and conscious activities; we also educate our patients on what lies beneath sexual addictions as well as offer a dual diagnosis of any additional addictions and concurring mental health conditions.

Our therapists will help patients uncover emotional issues that create this unhealthy relationship to sex and teach them how to redirect these frustrations and learn to view sex in a loving and supportive way. Our patients receive a custom treatment plan that brings together individual counseling, family and relationship therapy as well as a complete diet and exercise program that supports a healthy lifestyle. We know that you want to change, and we can help you get your life back.

Suffering from addiction hurts, but we can guide you and create an action plan to rebuild your relationships as well. Call Cypress Lakes Lodge today for more information on our recovery programs today at 409-331-2204.

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