As a part of our aftercare services program, we offer our clients the ability to transition easily out of their residential recovery programs. We understand that residential recovery programs typically are anywhere from 30-120 days and depending on the recommendation given after our initial intake session, some of our patients may require extended care. As you transition out of recovery, we provide our patients with additional life skills training to help them become independent.

Achieve Independence After Recovery

There are things that you need to achieve complete independence, and it can be overwhelming, especially if your support team lives further away or if you need help reintegrating yourself into society. When you’ve lived a life surrounded be addiction enabling people and activities for months, or years, it can difficult to know what to do. Transitional living is an option for people that are looking to start over and find new ways of spending their time outside of recovery.

Goals and Your Game Plan

We can help you outline a game plan of life goals so that your responsibilities and passions have balance. You may find that you enjoyed art therapy, yoga or meditation, and want to find ways to incorporate that into your lifestyle. Our patients learn a lot about themselves in recovery, things they never addressed or didn’t know was inside of them. As we move through detox and listen to our bodies, we find the things in our lives that can potentially make us happier, less stressed and healthy.

To achieve wellness changes need to happen; many patients find that the life they lead previously requires a lot of restructuring, and that’s fine. No matter how you choose to live soberly, make an informed decision and be sure you’re attending to your needs thoroughly. Often people forget that their sober lifestyle can be fun, they just need to relearn how to have fun without involving addictive substances. In transitional living, this is the fun part because we get to explore the world around us and find those things that are new and nurture our needs in a productive and healthy way. We can help you do that.

Achieving independence requires skills to get there, so after you’ve written out your plan, there are things you need to learn. At Cypress Lakes Lodge, our transitional living program allows our patients to continue utilizing all of our day services such as 12-step and other group therapy sessions. Reworking the steps with continuous life counseling and weekly check-in’s are a combination for success. For those patients that want to maintain accountability, we offer weekly drug testing as well. Because each transitional living plan is custom, during your intake session, your counselor will offer suggestions, and you can plan out the next course of treatment together.

Think about some goals you have now, and write them down. What are things you want to change in your life after your recovery program?

  • Do you want to save more money?
  • Do you want to be more present in your relationships with your family?
  • Do you want to land a great job?
  • Do you want to go back to school?

Call Cypress Lakes Lodge to schedule your appointment with our intake team at 877-938-1577. Transitioning into a sober living lifestyle can be challenging, but we can help you get there.