Within any recovery program, the standing base of guidance comes from counseling and therapy sessions that include one-on-one meetings in addition to group sessions. We include counseling in an individual setting because we as counselors need to create a trusting relationship with our patients since without trust patients will continue to resist our attempts at therapeutic methods for recovery. We understand that each patient may walk into a recovery program apprehensive when it comes to treatment since they may have had difficult experiences previously where their trust has been broken.

Since we at Cypress Lakes Lodge stand by our mission to be compassionate and understanding, we want to welcome each patient individually from wherever they begin their recovery . Our role in the recovery process as counselors is to help our patients understand where addiction comes from, what it is, and what happens to them as a result. During these sessions, each patient will learn about the addictive mind and why these treatments are necessary to reverse the effects of addiction to drugs and alcohol.

How Counseling Sessions Work at Cypress Lakes Lodge

Our residential, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization recovery programs integrate varied counseling schedules but are customized to each patient’s needs. Residential programs are our highest recommendation, especially for patients that have not gone through addiction treatment before. Residential programs allow for structure and stability so that all aspects of treatment can work together cohesively. Residential programs usually begin with our 30-day commitment, where, after medical detox the program is focused on counseling, evidence based therapy, and integrative treatments.

Directly following medical detox, we begin with a comprehensive psychological assessment to begin our process of getting to know the patient and what treatments they would benefit most. The first point we start with is the mutual understanding of why we are in therapy, recognizing that there is an addiction problem. Upon realization that addiction does exist, we work on explaining the unhealthy thought process accompanying addiction. Patients will learn more about their substance abuse and why they think the way they do, realizing their thinking is the reason they have had difficulty abstaining from addiction previously.

Counseling Sets Recovery Goals

Unlike other recovery centers that rely on open-ended counseling sessions, these counseling sessions are designed to make the most out of our patient’s time. These sessions are based on the patient’s particular needs and previously determined boundaries. Our counselors set goals during these meetings to guide and motivate patients to seek recovery from addiction long-term. Cognitive conditioning begins here so that we can retrain the addictive mind to want healthy, productive things in their lives. This will eventually allow the patient to tell their body that they do not need these substances to function.

As each patient spends time with their counselor, we additionally provide them with recovery planning services so, if needed, they may extend their counseling services within our aftercare programs. Aftercare programs provide patients with an extension of involved counseling well into their recovery as an added support. In combination with our life skills and relapse prevention programs, we teach our patients how to live outside of our recovery center so that they can maintain sober living.

Recovery is Possible and Sustainable

We incorporate a mind, body, and spirit wellness ideology throughout our treatment process, and we want our patients to understand why we must heal each simultaneously. Holistic care allows us to treat addiction in an organic way that’s possible to maintain for our patients as they move on to continue living their lives and challenging themselves with new experiences. Substance abuse and recovery counseling are designed to reduce the ambivalence our patients feel as they experience various treatment modalities; it provides them with a mindful approach to therapy so they can be accountable for their actions and redirect their dependence on substances to a healthy desire for wellness and abstinence.


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