For Family Members and Friends:

Outpatient programs are necessary for the continuation of recovery and stability. Family members, friends, and loved ones will play a big role in the encouragement of the person dealing with addiction or therapy. When you are able to be there for them, encourage them, and be positive through the process, it will go much smoother for the person dealing with it. They will have an army of support behind them through this time.

Cypress Lakes Lodge offers outpatient programs for patients looking to extend the care they received from our residential program. Outpatient programs are also meant for patients who are at the very beginning of addiction and don’t necessarily require detox but some instruction and stability. An outpatient program will give patients the guidance and support they need to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and addictive behaviors.




Intervention: Encouraging Your Loved One to Get Treatment

Outpatient or Residential Recovery Program?

When patients come to us asking for a recommendation on the various programs we offer here at Cypress Lakes Lodge, we tell them it depends on a few different things. We ask if they are at this time able to complete a full live-in program that may require anywhere from 30 to 90 day’s time. In addition, we ask them if they’re ready to commit to a residential program that is supervised 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If these conditions are not for them, we direct them to an outpatient program.

We encourage our patients, who feel a loss of control over their lives, to check into an residential care program, but have created outpatient programs that allow the flexibility for them to participate in outpatient care. Every possible treatment is available in a balanced capacity to make certain therapy is efficient and that integrative methods of treatment are employed when patients are at home and living their lives at work or school. Addiction isn’t a convenient problem, but we will work with our patients to keep them on the right path in the most natural capacity.

Live at Home, Get Treatment

Our outpatient programs are for people who do not meet the criteria for a residential program. Initially, when a patient calls Cypress Lakes Lodge intake team, we set up an appointment to assess their need for medical detox and the depth of their addiction. We do a full assessment of any mental health conditions via our dual diagnosis program, and our addiction counselors will offer their recommendation for residential, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient programs.

For patients who live professional lives and struggle with addiction but cannot take time off of work or from their responsibilities at home, we have created recovery programs to fit your lifestyle. Our intensive outpatient program allows people who don’t have flexibility in their schedules to extract themselves from their way of life. Depending on the severity of addiction or dependency, our addiction counselors may recommend that a residential program would be better suited, but ultimately it’s up to the patient. Our intensive outpatient program accommodates patients who need to live at home or in a sober living home, but still require counseling, therapy, rehabilitation and recovery planning to help them stay on track.

Extension of Residential Care

Our residential programs work well with aftercare services that provide extended care, but patients also come to us from other programs seeking treatment. Whether they live at home or in a sober community, we establish a network of sober support for our patients. The transition from residential care into the real world can be jarring, and some patients may have felt ready while others need more time in treatment. Our outpatient programs are more affordable for patients, and it requires at least three hours of treatment per day in our intensive outpatient program and seven hours per day for PHP.

Because a large portion of successful treatment requires patients be actively engaged in mind, body and spirit, we welcome patients wherever they are in their recovery. While we provide treatment, we invite them to participate rather than force participation. When someone is willing to work hard for recovery, they are more likely to succeed. Motivation to succeed in our patients’ life-long recovery is the base of our counseling sessions. In addition to motivating our patients, their families are invited to participate in various counseling sessions for family therapy. When the whole family is well and knows what they need to remove addiction patterns from their lifestyle, we have total wellness.

Outpatient Care Offers:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • 12-step meetings
  • Integrative treatments
  • Educational classes
  • Drug testing
  • Medication management
  • Family counseling

All groups are led by our specialized and licensed addiction counselors. Our clients are offered a safe space to discuss their trials with their addiction, and we teach them how to live happy and peaceful lives free of the stresses that cause a relapse. To learn more about our outpatient addiction treatment programs, call Cypress Lakes Lodge today at 409-331-6996.

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